Beyond Muslim Stereotypes with Muna AbuSulayman

Hello My Spilling Chai, listeners! How are you? Welcome to Episode 7 of Season 2 of the show.

Is there a group of women more stereotyped or more misunderstood than Muslim women? From being collectively labelled as subjugated, oppressed, uneducated, helpless victims, despite the fact that Islam spreads from America to the Middle East to South Asia to Indonesia, when it comes to Muslim women we are immediately reduced to a collective offensive, and incorrect, stereotype.

Well, contrary to well-established misconceptions, Muslim women are not a monolith, and no one’s life and career embodies that truth more than our guest today. I am talking about Saudi businesswoman and activist, Muna AbuSulayman!

Muna AbuSulayman, continuously named one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World since 2009 and until 2019 for her work in media, gender, leadership and education and as an iconic Arab media personality and humanitarian. Currently, She is also Social Impact Investor concentrating on using AI for education, media projects for awareness and Charity effectiveness. Muna is part of the Saudi Government think tank for G20 2020 preparation (on the SDG, Women, and NGO themes) and advises various foundations on youth, media, and female empowerment.

As the head of Directions Consulting and Partner 3S (Saudi Sustainable Solutions), she is focusing her development efforts on unemployment and entreprenuership in the Arab world. As the former Secretary-General of the Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation, she supported innovation and strategic initiatives to combat poverty, empower women and reframe the Islam-West dialogue. She is also a founding Co-Host of Kalam Nawaem, the Arab world’s most popular TV shows. AbuSulayman was appointed as the first Saudi UNDP Goodwill Ambassador. A Member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, a Yale World Fellow and Aspen Institute Middle East Fellow. She serves on several non-profit boards and is the recipient of numerous awards, including a “PhD in They Didn’t Teach That in School from Life/MOM University”

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