#BlackGirlMagic with Errin Haines

Hello My Dear Listeners! How are you? Welcome to Episode 12, the season finale of the show, coming to you from Washington, DC. I’m your host, Anushay Hossain.

For so long, journalism in America has been defined and run by white men– and some white women. But where do the rest of us fit in and what happens to our stories?

No one is poised to better answer this question than our guest today who is the founding mother of the 19th, a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom reporting at the intersection of gender, politics, and policy. I am talking about the one and only, Errin Haines!

Errin Haines is an award-winning political journalist and Editor at Large for The 19th*, a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom covering the intersection of women, politics and policy. She is also an MSNBC Contributor. Her works mainly focus on issues of race, gender and politics.

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