One of the biggest messages in Anushay’s book, The Pain Gap is that maternal health is that America’s maternal health crisis is solvable. We already have the tools and expertise to ensure no woman dies giving life. Yet, America’s maternal mortality numbers, especially for Black women and women of color, are not only the highest amongst rich nations but that number is increasing. Layo George, the creator of the digital community, Wolomi, is a nurse and entrepreneur who has developed a tech intervention to change the dangerous pregnancy and birth experience in America.

Wolomi Logo

“Wolomi is the first online pregnancy community for women of color, by a nurse of color. Membership to Wolomi gives you access to weekly tips from a midwife of color to help you prepare for your provider appointments. You’ll also have access to a variety of maternal health experts, events, and a community of amazing women like you.

Becoming a member allows us to continue our efforts in improving maternal health outcomes for women of color and provides access to women who may not be able to afford the app membership.”

Find out more about Wolomi here.

Watch the video episode here

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