Hello Everyone! Welcome to episode 6 of “Spilling Chai” coming to you direct from Washington, DC where I have been quarantining in my home with my husband, our two young girls, and our two not-so-young Persian cats. 

I try to stay focused on how lucky we are– that in the middle of a global pandemic we are home, safe, together, have food, and even though we can’t see them, we are surrounded by dear neighbors and old friends. Staying grateful and bringing myself back to the present, really helps me fight the urge to just run away from my kids and find the nearest, tallest building to jump off of.

But something else that has been giving me hope and keeping me afloat is resilience– the resilience of people, of local businesses, and communities. Something I learned from my parents, and something I really admire about my husband, is the ability to pivot– pivot when life throws you a curveball, adapt, survive.

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