Welcome to episode 3 of “Spilling Chai” coming to you LIVE from what used to be my children’s playhouse! Thank goodness my husband and I converted it into an office just in time to be locked down at home with no childcare. Did I mention NO CHILDCARE?

Outside my now-home-podcast-recording-studio, it’s an absolutely stunning Spring day here in DC– birds are chirping, cherry blossoms blooming, and azalea flowers getting ready to burst in all their glory. But none of this matters because Coronavirus has made us prisoners in our own homes.

In quarantine and under lockdown going on week 4, (maybe 5?) I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to keep it altogether– especially on the mental health front and especially as a mom. Ladies, for those of you doing self-isolating with no kids PLEASE TAKE MINE.

Like most things, there’s a gendered impact to Coronavirus and it’s not only impacting women’s health, which is what we talked about in our previous episode, but also what experts call women’s “emotional labor,” and what I like to call “some serious, sexist BS.”

Lucky for all of us, our guest today, Shannon Kane Winters, my fabulous friend and neighbor, is joining me to spill some serious- “mental health chai in the time of Corona.”

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